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Speaker Upgrades

Getting a good sound from your aftermarket speaker system is down to how they are fitted. If you where to fit a 13cm speaker into a 17cm hole, it wouldn’t sound very good at all. We offer a large range of speaker upgrades for your vehicle whether its a 1960s Morris or a current Mercedes.

Component Systems Explained

With a component speaker system, the woofers and tweeters are mounted independently where each component can operate to its full potential. Generally the woofer is mounted further down the door or kick panel where as the tweeter in mounted higher up to the top of the door or on top of the dash. Having independent tweeters means that they can be positioned for optimum imaging and sound staging.

Manufacturers will often use better materials in separate components than in their 2- or 3-way coaxial counterparts. When properly powered, component speakers deliver exceptional dynamics and detail.

Coaxial Speakers Explained

With a coaxial speaker you have combining a woofer and tweeter into one speaker, it’s a convenient way to get great sound from a single speaker opening. However a tweeter mounted on top of the woofer cone will always, to some degree, interfere with the sound waves produced by the woofer. These are a great way to cost affectively upgrade your speakers with installation made easy as there are no separate crossovers to worry about as they are all built in.


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