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Parking Solutions

Probably one of the most delicate vehicles on the road and most outward to man over is a motorhome. These come in all sorts of sizes and lengths with makes the vehicle difficult to manoeuvre. A reversing camera or parking sensors on motorhomes or caravans can be essential in vehicle and pedestrian safety.

There are a few different levels of camera system which would be available for your motorhome, single camera, twin camera or a 360 degree camera system. All of these can be viewed on either a factory radio screen (compatible screens only), aftermarket radio screens, replacement centre smart mirrors monitors (3.4″) or clip over mirror monitors (7″).

With single view rear cameras you generally only get one view, straight down or looking down the road. When we install these we always like to see the back of the vehicle so you can see exactly where the rear of the vehicle is.

Providing you have a monitor with two camera inputs, twin rear view cameras can be great for close up reversing, viewing hanging bike racks and views of down the road behind you.

360 Degree camera systems

With motorhomes being as large as they are a 360 degree camera system will give you the best Birdseye view of 360 degrees around your motorhome. Just as on a commercial vehicle you will have a front, rear, left and right hand side camera mounted to the vehicle. These are available in standard resolution or HD quality in either white or black finishes. The Smart Vision 360 HD provides a superb Advanced Driver Assistance System to manage the space in and around the vehicle. Our innovative system utilises up to 8 Full HD, 2 Megapixel camera’s, with a 192° Horizontal viewing angle, secured to each side of the vehicle. The images from 4 cameras are continually processed and digitally ‘stitched’ together to provide a seamless 360° ‘Birds Eye View’ on the LCD monitor. This ensures the driver can see hazards all around the vehicle, to eliminate the blind spots, resulting in improved safety for other road users and passengers.

Caravan Camera Systems

If you tow a motorhome vehicle you vehicle rather than a motorhome vehicle, it is still possible to have a camera system installed to your caravan which can be viewed within the towing vehicle. This can be hard wired through a spare pin in the towing electric, or a separate plug and socket system or wirelessly.

Below is a caravan which we added a white wedge type camera programmed for the correct orientation mounted to the rear. This then played on a clip er mirror monster within the towing vehicle. If you already have a reversing camera on your vehicle it may be possible to use this input or an additional screen might be needed.


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