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Our Demo Cars

We know that the best place to hear the equipment that we have installed is within a vehicle. Below are two vehicles that we own and can give you a complete demo of the equipment inside.

FOCAL BMW E82 1 Series Coupe

focal BMW banner
Focal K2 Speakers
Focal BMW Under Seat Woofer
Focal Amplifier

This BMW came with a standard radio with factory fit Bluetooth, FM, USB and AUX running a BMW “base” audio system. This means that the front speakers were a combination of 6 inch mid/woofers under the front seats and a mid/high speaker in the drivers door. Because the system is a base model system there are no added tweeters for the fronts, the rear speakers are on the rear shelf.

We have upgraded the front speakers to the Focal K2 10cm components and for the moment we have left the standard speakers under the seats and the rears as the factory ones. These will be upgraded soon however we have added the Focal Impluse 4 channel amplifier running the fronts on two channels and the woofers under the seats on the other two via a low pass filter. This gives us much more depth to the music and much needed sound stage upgrade to the fronts area.

The next stage for this vehicle would be to change the woofers under the seats too the Focal 8 inch woofers and to add there SQ amplifier. This will add a lot more manageable depth to the sound and even more added sound quality to the fronts.

The vehicle also has a Westfalia detachable tow bar with 13 pin vehicle specific electric. This has been used a number of times with both the Westfalia and Thule bike racks which we are also able to demonstarte these if required.

The vehicle also has a state of the art Ghost immobiliser system from Auto Watch. This is a CAN-BUS based system with is deactivated via a sequence of dash or door buttons.

If you would like any aspect of this vehicle demonstarted to you then please let us know via the form below.

Volkswagen Transporter T5.1

VW Demo Van

Our T5.1 Volkswagen Transporter has a system which has been designed for camper vans and day vans where space is limited. This van features the Audison Prima AP8.9 bit amplifier that powers the front and rear speakers. This may seam like a basic set up however the AP8.9 is a powerful amplifier with a vast amount of features, its the perfect system for a compact van giving your music a vast amounts of depth, power and control.

The AP8.9 delivers 225 watts (using a 3ohm driver) to the front door speakers and 45 watts for the front tweeters and rear speakers.

Audison AV1.1

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    Please select either the BMW or VW T5.1 with a preferred demo date and time, excluding Sundays.


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