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Leisure Vehicle Security

Just like our vehicle security page, lessee vehicles can easily be broken into and/or stolen both within the UK or when you are touring abroad. We have both alarms and trackers from both Vodafone Automotive and Meta Systems to keep your vehicle safe and tracked.

Motorhome Alarm Systems

If you have a modern motorhome which is built on any of the Fiat, Peugeot, Ford, Mercedes of Volkswagen we can install an insurance approved alarm system which either uses the original factory remotes or by using additional remote fobs. Please note that some vehicles have reduced functionality if additional remotes are used over the factory remotes.

This system from either Vodafone Automotive of Meta will give you protection over the bonnet, doors, volumatic internal sensors and protection for you rear lockers both gas and garage if required. If you are worried about setting the alarm when you are sleeping inside, you can deactivate the internal volumetric sensors. These are set to ‘ON’ as default when you re-arm the system.

If you have a bike rack on the rear of your leisure and would like these to be alarmed also, can add a ‘Tamper Loop’ which is a cable connected to you alarm which runs around your bikes so if this is cut to remove your bikes, the alarm will sound.

If you are worried about gas leaks or theif’s pumping gas into your motorhome via the fridge vents, we can also add a gas sensor which is linked into the alarm and will set the alarm off when gas is introduced. Providing that the alarm is active.


Most caravans and motorhome are kept away from the owners home and a storage site which although these can be secure having a tracker installed will give you the peace of mind that you know its still where you left it. From both Vodafone Automotive and Meta System we can install an tracking system to either you motorhome or caravan giving you either insurance approved call centre system or a simple pease of mind cost effective tracking solution. If an alarm and tracker is what you’re looking for we can tie these together. So when you have an alarm trigger the tracker will then send you an alert to say that your alarm is sounding.

Get in-contact with your vehicle make and model and system requirements and we can give you a quote for a system which is best for both you and your vehicle.


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