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Digital Radio

Digital radio is also known as DAB radio, we can add DAB systems to your existing car radio or we can change the radio for a new uni with the DAB built in. At some point just like terrestrial TV, the FM radio frequencies will be turned off, however, there is no date as yet.

Factory Radio Integration
We can also add a digital unit to the factory fitted radio or navigation systems which came from the factory. The add-on digital tuner would then be controlled from the steering wheel controls or via a hand-held remote control. The information on what digital radio station you would be listening to would be shown on the factory radios RDS display.

Replacement Radios with DAB
The choice of replacement radios with built-in digital radio is growing all the time. These units can also include features like CD/DVD, USB, iPod control, touch screen navigation as well as the traditional FM, MW and LW.

Add-On Solutions
Add on units are also available from Auto-DAB and Alpine. These can generally be fitted into any vehicle with an FM radio or AUX input. These use a separate display that gets mount onto the dash giving you radio information and in some cases control.

When it comes to the DAB aerial, there are a few options available. Roof, screen and even bumper option are available. Please see our aerials page by clicking on the link HERE. If you are unsure of what solution is best for you, give us a call.


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