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Cruise Control

Cruise Control

Cruise Control is a popular electronic aid that allows a driver to bring a vehicle up to the reqiured speed, push a button and this will maintain the selected speed without touching the accelerator pedal. This gives a much more comfortable driving experience, reduces stress on the driver and minimise’s the risk of speeding, especially in areas monitored by average speed cameras.

The fully integrated CAN-BUS cruise control system digitally controls acceleration through the engine management system rather than through physical manipulation of the throttle. It is controlled by the driver from a stalk mounted on the steering column.


  • Fully electronic and Can-Bus speed control
  • Plug & Play vehicle specific interface
  • User interface
  • Rostra Cruise Control Stalk
  • Intelligent safety features
  • Disengages automatically when brake or clutch is activated
  • Compatible with manual and automatic gearboxes
  • Extends engine life – non mechanical interface
  • Improves safety and fuel economy

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