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Audison Thesis

Adding a car audio amplifier to your vehicles audio system can make a large amount of difference to the sound. More power and more control over the sound and speaker. The trouble with a lot of todays vehicles is that the factory radio can play around the the EQ cerve giving you reduced bass and higher volumes for example. In this case a DSP amplifier is nessasery to remove the dirty signal to give you a nice clean output. Below are some examples of diffrent amplifier types.

There are tons of diffrent amplifiers to choose from if your thinking of adding one to your system. Class A/B, Class D, built in DSPs all with diffrent power figures, coficuration options and applications.

When designing your car audio system we only use qualify brands, like the amplifiers below.

Audison Prima AP8.9 bit

Audison Prima AP8.9 bit

This extremely versatile plug and play amplifier will set your speakers free from the constraints of vehicle manufacturers sound curves. With 8-channels and Bit technology in a very compact case. Following a lengthy and comprehensive development programme, the Audison AP8.9 Bit amplifier offers fabulous sound enhancement for multi-speaker amplified factory car audio systems. Research revealed that many car speakers are not driven with enough power to offer the control required for a car speaker system. Furthermore, distortion rapidly increases to unpleasant levels when the volume is turned up. The clean signal handling of the eight class D channels and the incredible signal processing power overcomes many of the stock issues.

When used in conjunction with Audisons vehicle integration interfaces it can lead to a cable damage free installation.

If you would like to hear this amplifier in action, we have one in our VW T5.1. Click HERE to book a demo.

Compact Amplifiers

Compact amplifiers tend to be a Class D amplifier system which is a digital amplifier. This means that the components are small due to the low power consumption. Due to their size these can be easily installed behind the glove box, inside the dash or under a front seat of your vehicle. There is a large range of in-dash amplifiers from a few brands, including Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine and JL Audio just to name a few. Some of these have a plug and play harness what can make installation simple.

Alpine Amplifier

Here is an example of the Alpine KTP-445A amplifier which will give you 4×45 RMS and 4×100 MAX and as you can see, it will fit snugly within the dash and takes its power from the radio power supply.

Power Amplifiers

The main diffrence bewteen power amplifiers and compact amplifiers tends to be the size, power consumption and output wattage. Because they tend to be based on an analog system, they do require a stronger power supply to the battery and are generally larger in size.

These amplifiers range from monoblocks (for subwoofer), two channel stereo, three channel stereo and mono, four channel front and rear stereo or a five channel front, rear and mono.

JL Audio Amplifier

Pictured is the JL Audio HD600/4, these would be installed either into the boot of the vehicle or if there is space, under one of the front seats.

Amplifier Wireing Kits

Amplifier wiring kit

When it comes to installing a power amplifier it is key to get the correct wiring kit. An under sized wiring kit can course cable to get hot and burn out. Wiring kits are available is a kit form as pictured below or we can make it up off the roll.


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