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Vehicle aerials can be in many different places which include front or rear screens, roofs, A pillars, front or rear wings and sometimes even in the bumpers. These can be for FM/MW/LW, DAB+, GPS and GSM. There are a number of aerial upgrades available for most car where commonly the roof is the best place. Picktered below are some options.

Front wing aerial

Front wing aerials are generally fitted to older vehicles like MGs or Land Rover Defenders. These are are generally passive aerials to which you can receive DAB and FM with a DAB splitter. However the Bosch Autoflex is a very good upgrade aerial for wing mounted FM aerials. However because the Bosch Autoflex is an active aerial it can only used for FM. It does however provide added safety benefits due to the aerial mast being flexible, so if it gets knocked by low branches it will simply flex out of the way.

Front screen aerial

There are two types of front windscreen mounted aerials one type for FM and the other for DAB. Granularly speaking FM and DAB reception is better with an aerial outside of the vehicle however for some vehicles this aerial type is the only possible method.

Front roof aerial

Front roof aerials tend to be passive aerials and can be a simple replacement. These aerials tend to be passive so a DAB splitter will give you both FM and DAB. On some vehicles you may also get an a-piller mounted aerial which at the top near the roof. These are a specialist type of aerial which is manually controlled to retract or extend. These are a passive aerial giving you the option of FM and DAB via a DAB splitter.

Rear screen aerial

Rear screen aerials are mostly factory fitted and can be for FM and DAB, these are printed onto the rear windscreen. The tend to be inter-printed with the rear demister which can lead to reception and interference issues.

Rear roof aerial

There are a few different types of rear roof aerials which include FM, DAB, GPS, GSM and DVB-T. These are also known as a GTiFlex due to that that they where commonly found on Golf GTi vehicles from the factory. There are now many combinations of GTiFlex for all sorts of applications. These can be installed to to most vehicles to either replace an existing aerial or to carry out a new installation. This would require to roof to be drilled if a factory aerial is not already there.

Rear wing aerial

Rear wing aerials are genrally found on the rear wing of older saloon vehicles and on a very few estates. These can be electrically controlled to go up or down however these are manual versions also. These are a passive system so to receive DAB you can install a DAB splitter to give you both FM and DAB.


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